Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Geafus 420 Animated Weed Emoji is now on iMessage

What up folks!  Been a while. I've been working on irie876, establishing a music career AND working on getting Geafus on to IOS. ( Google you are next)

From Line messenger to iMessage

It's been something I've always wanted to do, get my stickers on iOS. And now the dream has finally manifested. The reason  I wanted my stickers on iMessage is because my style appeals more to a western market and Apple gives you more freedom of expression. ( Line isn't highly used in the west)
As I figured, X code is not as easy to use as the  Line creator's back end, but it shouldn't be, as Line is just for stickers and Xcode is for Applications. Once I started using Xcode and iTunes connect, I realized how Line  copied a lot of things from Apple.  Xcode gave me a warm time getting bundle identifiers and IDs  right. All the little things that had to be done to get the app on the App store has a learning curve but it is not difficult.

What really propelled me to get my stickers on iMessage ASAP was the fact that Line rejected Geafus animated 2 indefinitely.So here is what happened. I made "Geafus animated 2" more Weedy, I wanted to make it more R rated and I included an animation I was going to save for an iOS App ( No need to make a copy paste sticker application  anymore , the new iMessage does it all). The animation was Geafus lying on his back smoking a spliff eyes blood shot read.  When I was submitting it to Line, I kinda had an idea they would reject it, but not indefinitely. I was trying to see if Line got less strict with their sticker approval seeing Apple's iMessage got revamped to a stylish new platform.. So sorry Line users, Geafus animated 2 won't be available on Line Messenger. ( Geafus 1, 2 and Geafus Animated are still there though. Thank God)

Spiced  up just for iMessage with unbelievable value

Honestly, there were a lot of things I wanted to do with the Geafus illustrations but I restricted myself to adhere to Lines guidelines. Now, with Geafus on iOS, I'm free to create the kind of illustrations I want. From weed nuggets to BIG HEAD SPLIFFS.  With Geafus for iMessage, I put  all the illustrations from the first Geafus animated and the unreleased Geafus animated 2, along with special animations I made just for  iMessage.  ( freedom is bliss).

Something unique about "Geafus"

The thing that separates "Geafus" from other weed emojis 

The idea for Geafus came about by me observing the emoji market in Japan and America. I realized the weed emojis on the market in America were difficult to use in everyday life. I also realized that the few weed emojis on the market were basically silly smiley faces that either had the  munchies or  were high. Not a lot of variety. I aslo observed how the Japanese made cute characters that people around the world liked, they also made witty humor with their expressions that could easily be used in communiction. So I fused what i observed and created what I thought a weed emoji should be. So now, Geafus is the only weed character that has his own sticker set, that's what makes "Geafus" unique. It's not just another weed emoji, but a brand and a character.

Pricing and Value

Geafus Animated for iMessage consist of 47 animated stickers. YES 47 animated stickers for a $1.99 and GUESS WHAT? I'll be adding new stickers quarterly at no extra cost. So once you purchase Geafus, your ganja library of animated stickers will grow like a weed field in California. Maybe I'm crazy for pricing Geafus so low and giving such huge value but I know how it is when buying apps. I'm always looking for the value and that's what I brought to you dear stoner.

What I want you to do!!

Since you actually took the time to read this blog, I'd like to say thank you from the depths of my green heart. Also if you haven't already, click the image or link below and download Geafus 420 Animated for iMessage and tell all your stoner friends about it. Lets make this baby viral and lets bring Geafus to life. Just imagine, a weed leaf character that's a household name. ( Imagine with me). A cartoon series, toys, cookies, cakes, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Geafus 420 Animated Sticker Coming Soon to iMessage ( Sign up and be 1 of 50 to Win Geafus 420 Free)

Geafus is finally making his way to iOS. With 47 animated stickers well crafted for everyday communication, this is a set that the enlightened will not want to miss.



-Drag and drop animated stickers on pictures or text messages for a futuristic and blissful communication experience in iMessage.
-47 well crafted expressions animated for communication
-New stickers added free of cost
-Easy to use in everyday life.
-Fun experience you will want to share with your friends.
-Beautiful flowing animations in APNG format
-A lovable & memorable character you will enjoy growing with
-Be involved in the creation of new stickers by  commenting below.

Sign up for a chance to win Geafus for iMessage free.

50 people will win, be the chosen! 

Offer Ends December 10th. Winners will receive a "Geafus" promotion code by December 21st via email.

Good Luck:) 


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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Geafus 2 & Geafus Animated ( Also how to make an animated emoji.

What’s up Reggae emoji lovers?

Its been a while. 

Since "Hotta Gyals" release, I’ve released 2 other emoji sets. Geafus 2 ( keep rollin) and also Geafus animated.  Thats right!! We have created the first 420 emoji and animated 420 emoji.  ( I wish that could be copyrighted)  

Geafus 2 has no reggae phrases and is more of  a main stream sticker set. The character’s colour is also a bit brighter around the edges. While the set is good, I don’t think its as great as the original. Its actually a compliment for users who already have the original Geafus. (A few lost phrases to make the original more rounded.) I’ve also priced Geafus 2 at $0.99 / ¥120 instead of $1.99/240. The set does have some very cool stickers for people in the Hi Life; the studio, lets roll, wake n bake and the beach scenes are sure to be hits with the modern day enlightened "rebels". For some reason, Iran has been downloading this set at a steady pace and I gotta say BIG UPS to Iran and I look forward to visiting and partaking in the life. If you really like the Hi-life, download Geafus 2 and KEEP ROLLIN.
View the sticker set here, download & enjoy.  

"Geafus Animated" on the other hand, is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Simple animations of a leafy character that so many people wish existed, and now it does. It was a real challenge at first to create the animations, but with practice comes know how LOL ( not perfection).
Each animation took an average of 35 minutes to complete. (Some took an hour or more.)
In this set there is a little Reggae, a lil HipHop and every day phrases that anyone can use in their conversations. What I actually did was use some of the illustrations from the original Geafus and Geafus 2 to create the animations. That saved me a tun of time. So far Geafus Animated has been downloaded in Japan, the U.K., the USA, Iran, Pakistan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, India, Jamaica, Thailand and other countries. I expect it to be worldwide just like the leaf it represents.   

                     View the set here, download and enjoy. http://line.me/S/sticker/1303492

I’m not a designer. Im not an animator, I’m just an individual that has many ideas and I do what I can to push them into reality. If you so wish to create your own animated sticker set, please watch my tutorial below. Thank you for reading my blog, stay blessed, stay creating, stay INSPIRED.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Why I made this sticker set

       Let me first say that the reason I made a reggae sticker set with only  female characters was because I knew a lot of people weren't thinking to do it but eventually someone would, and I  love women.   I created this set to represent the hot girls who like  Reggae, HIPHOP  and Dancehall culture. Independent, hardworking , outgoing girls. 

まず私がこのステッカを作ったかについてお話します。なぜ女性のキャラクターのみのレゲエステッカーセットを作成したかというと、そのような女性のみのステッカー作成は、一部の人しか思いつかないようなことだと思い、また自分が女性が好きなこともあり作成することにしました。このセットは、レゲエ、ヒップホップまたクラブカルチャーが好きなHot Girlを表現してます。    

Creation & Background  (Keila the main character)

    At first,  Keila's hair was long, then shoulder length  and even  Afro  as seen above.  I showed the illustration to my brothers and cousins in Jamaica. One of my female cousins with short hair said " long hair nah wear again, a short hair a do it" ( Miss Jamaica also had short hair at the time and was a favorite in the pageant )
 So I tried with the short hair and something about it just gave a demeanor of coolness, strength, confidence and risk taking. All traits that a real HOT GYAL MUST HAVE.

自立して、何事にも熱心で、社交的なGirls達です。 製作とその背景については、まずKeila(メインキャラクター)は、肩までの長さのある髪ですが、上記にあるようにアフロです。私は、そのイラストをジャマイカの兄弟といとこに見せました。いとこの中の一人、ショートヘアの女性のいとこが、”長い髪は、もう流行りじゃない。短い髪がトレンドでなのよ”といいました。(その時のミスジャマイカもショートヘアでしたし、その美人コンテストの中でもショートヘアが好まれていました。)そこで、私は、ショートヘアで尚且つかっこよさ、強さ、自信に満ちたように見えるようなものを表現することにしました。

After deciding on the short hair , the next step was to really think of the expressions and phrases. At one point I was thinking to use a lot of English to make the set easier to use. But Instead I decided to balance it out by using patois phrases as well as English as both languages are spoken in Jamaica.

Feedback process

Hotta Gyal went through a rigorous feedback process , scrutinized by Hot Gyals from Jamaica, Japan, Britain, Germany, America , Philippines, Costa Rica , Brazil and  Russia. Some of them didn't really like the short hair at first but eventually it grew on the majority.


Variety, the spice of life 

I listened to what many different women had to say and it dawned on me that I needed to make the sticker set more appealing to a wider audience. So I used some of the older illustrations  ( long hair and the Afro style. From that,  I created two  new charters;  Aiyana ( Afro style )   and Tatiana ( long hair). I think the  characters will appeal to a wide variety of women , especial woman of color who aren't really represented much in sticker/emoji sets.

実際のHOT GYALが持っているすべての特徴を表現することにしました。ショートヘアにすることにし、次のステップとして、フレーズの表現について試行錯誤しました。ポイントとして、使いやすいセットを作るためにたくさんの英語の表現を考えてみました。しかし、ジャマイカで、英語と同様に使用されているパトワ語もバランスを考えながら使うことに決めました。Hotta Gyal のフィードバックの方法としてジャマイカ、日本、イギリス、ドイツ、アメリカ、フィリピン、コスタリカ、ブラジルそしてロシアのHot Gyals達に細かいところまで確認し厳しいフィードバックをもらいながら行いました。そのうち何人かには、当初ショートヘアーが人気はなかったが最後は、大多数が賛成した。何度かの見直しフィードバック後、多様性、醍醐味のあるものになりました。そして、もっと幅広い方々をひきつけるような魅力的なステッカー作る必要があるとわかりました。そこで、古いイラストも使用しすることにしました。(長い髪とアフロスタイル。)それにより、2つの新しいキャラクター Aiyana (アフロスタイル)
Tatiana ( long hair). も作ることにしました。このステッカー・絵文字セットは、格別な女性色をイメージをしていないが、このキャラクター達は、広くさまざまな女性によって気に入られる魅力的なものができたと思います。

My plan for Hotta Gyal:

My plan is to create a Jamaican Barbie like figure that can represent the many faces of Jamaica. I will be creating more HOTTA GYAL characters to represent the diversity of Jamaica and I hope I will realize my dream of making Hotta Gyal into a brand that people all over the world will love and appreciate.

Download Hotta Gyal and have fun with Keila and her friends.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

"GEAFUS" the 420 maple leaf ( Reggae emoji)

What's up Reggae Emoji lovers? 

Depaiso aka Dean Jackson here again with another  must get sticker set.
Meet "Geafus";  a maple leaf that wished to come alive before he fell from a maple tree. ( cough)
Yes. Yes. It is what it is!!! And it's finally here. A cute, green, lovable leaf with purple accents. ( Just how we like it!!!! Purple skunk from Orange Hill.)
Note: I used the name Geafus because "Gea"  has meaning to me.  At first I was gonna call him "Leafus" but that just didn't resonate with me. ( Geefus from Stone Love, I didn't  steal your name. It just sounded good to me and fit the character, LOL.)

With all the stickers I create and with this one as well, the Jamaican vibe can easily be felt.  I made this set easier to use, more mainstream and pop culture but still had to get my IRIE , Reggae vibe in it to represent me.

Geafus took me a weekend to complete, but I think it turned out pretty well. Something about the purple and green really blend well together.  There are also a lot of useful stickers that emoji lovers will find really cute and convenient. Not to mention the reaction they will get when they use it in a conversation. " OMG I NEED THIS STICKER SET RIGHT NOW"
For Geafus, I didn't use any Japanese phrases in the expressions as I feel that the "Gea" is a universal character and if you're down with the "G",  you probably have a good understanding of English and pop culture. Maybe in the next installment I'll consider using some Japanese and other languages.

My hope for Geafus is for it to be a viral emoji set that will bring joy and laughter to all those who come in contact with the leafy character.  Download "Geafus" and let the good times roll. 

Until next time Reggae Emoji lovers, Fulljoy, be safe and keep on creating your future thought by thought. Task by task.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

RASS SCLIFFY ( Spliff, joint emoji, doobie emoji)

What up Reggae emoji lovers. One more crazy high-grade sticker set here for yah. Ras Scliffy, who first appeared in "Scliffy Second" now has his own sticker set. This set took me about a month, on and off to create. I didn't throw in a bunch of characters like in the previous Scliffy because I wanted to focus on the RAS. This sticker set has a few Japanese phrases but I wrote a few in Romaji ( Alphabetic letters). The reason, I thought it would be different and easier for individuals to use Japanese with people who don't actually understand Japanese and in a sense, actually teach them. ( Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, they can learn on their own)

I actually finished "Geafus" before "Ras Scliffy" but I started Ras Scliffy first. The reason being was that I was inspired to make Geafus  and I made him quickly and got on to finishing Ras. The two sets will be out at the same time creating High-Grade history. ( Thank me later blazers)
For Ras Scliffy, I was thinking of telling a story line with the entire set. But instead, I made a portion of it a story line with an alien visit form planet G. 
Ras Scliffy has a lot of convenient stickers and some  far out "messages" like the one above ( Yes I, herbs is the healing of the nation). With this set, I also tried different drawing styles just to see how it would look and the reaction it would get.

Well Reggae Emoji lovers!!!! One more installment to the reggae emoji collection. Please note. I do this for fun and because I was inspired by the most high to do this. I represent Jamaican culture and I want the world to keep on loving Jamaican. Give thanks every time and feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email ( depaiso@hotmail.com)

UP UP UP!!!!

Alright blazers, DOWNLOAD RAS SCLIFFY and let the high times roll.