Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Scliffy Second the REGGAE , HIPHOP, anything goes sticker

What's going on irie people!!! Thanks for viewing.

First of all I gave it the name "Scliffy Second" so  it would be different and also, real Jamaicans don't play number 2 hahaha. That's some Jamaican culture for you. 

After seeing the positive response to the first Scliffy set, I immediately decided to start Scliffy second ( that and I knew with twins on the way, I wouldn't have much time to illustrate. Thank you for the congrats, I appreciate it :)


        What I did with Scliffy second 

 I decided to explore and be free with this set. As you can see there are many characters. 
The main ones being " Reggae scliffy" and "Rap scliffy". You'll also find a shark, turtle and a humming bird in this set, even a gun slinging cowboy. You can say I decide to get a little crazy with Scliffy Second. 



   What happened to all the positive phrases ? 

If you know the first Scliffy sticker set, it had a lot of positive uplifting phrases. Scliffy second , not so much. I wanted to create a sticker set that would be cool, cultural , positive , funny and unique. ( I think I managed to accomplish that)  and let's face it, I think I exhausted the positive vibes in the first Scliffy set.


What makes Scliffy second special? 

I think Scliffy second is special because I managed to use cultures and ideas that have meaning to me. I'm from Jamaica , the birth place of Reggae and HIPHOP and I though it would be cool to incorporate the two cultures. Most sticker sets focus on one or the other or a wide range of musical cultures. I decided to stick to what I know and grew up with. 
It's also comical if you  fully understand some of the details in the set. I think a wide variety of people will be able to use this sticker set for a long time to come. 

Hopes for Scliffy  

My dream for Scliffy is for it to become like a ghetto smurf, you know they have lazy smurf and brainy smurf? My wish is for Scliffy to be like that. Multiple characters that represent me in essence and the things I appreciate. Hopefully the world will appreciate it too. 

Download Scliffy Second and enjoy this fun filled sticker set.

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