Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Scliffy Second the REGGAE , HIPHOP, anything goes sticker

What's going on irie people!!! Thanks for viewing.

First of all I gave it the name "Scliffy Second" so  it would be different and also, real Jamaicans don't play number 2 hahaha. That's some Jamaican culture for you. 

After seeing the positive response to the first Scliffy set, I immediately decided to start Scliffy second ( that and I knew with twins on the way, I wouldn't have much time to illustrate. Thank you for the congrats, I appreciate it :)


        What I did with Scliffy second 

 I decided to explore and be free with this set. As you can see there are many characters. 
The main ones being " Reggae scliffy" and "Rap scliffy". You'll also find a shark, turtle and a humming bird in this set, even a gun slinging cowboy. You can say I decide to get a little crazy with Scliffy Second. 



   What happened to all the positive phrases ? 

If you know the first Scliffy sticker set, it had a lot of positive uplifting phrases. Scliffy second , not so much. I wanted to create a sticker set that would be cool, cultural , positive , funny and unique. ( I think I managed to accomplish that)  and let's face it, I think I exhausted the positive vibes in the first Scliffy set.


What makes Scliffy second special? 

I think Scliffy second is special because I managed to use cultures and ideas that have meaning to me. I'm from Jamaica , the birth place of Reggae and HIPHOP and I though it would be cool to incorporate the two cultures. Most sticker sets focus on one or the other or a wide range of musical cultures. I decided to stick to what I know and grew up with. 
It's also comical if you  fully understand some of the details in the set. I think a wide variety of people will be able to use this sticker set for a long time to come. 

Hopes for Scliffy  

My dream for Scliffy is for it to become like a ghetto smurf, you know they have lazy smurf and brainy smurf? My wish is for Scliffy to be like that. Multiple characters that represent me in essence and the things I appreciate. Hopefully the world will appreciate it too. 

Download Scliffy Second and enjoy this fun filled sticker set.

Scliffy 2nd Line sticker THE STICKER YOU NEVER EXPECTED  #420 #reggae #レエゲ #ジャマイカ#weed #420:

Saturday, 29 August 2015

YAAD DOGS JAMAICAN REGGAE (and bit of HipHop )Slang sticker


So my next sticker set "YAAD DOGS" is up and running. This project took me about a month to complete. ( About 3 months in total to be approved and on sale ) Had a few rejections and had to change some things but it worked out to my advantage.For example , the illustration below was not in the set at first, but because of the rejections I was able to replace one of the rejected illustration with this. So always remember to find the opportunity in what may seem to be a set back. 

私の最新のステッカーセット "YAAD DOGS"が販売されます。完成に約1カ月かかりました。(作成から販売まではトータルで3カ月を要しました。)何度か却下されいくつかの点を修正することとなりましたが、自分にとっては結果好機となりました。例えば、下にあるイラストについては、当初はスタンプの一つとして存在していなかったものですが、あるイラストが却下されたことによりその代わりスタンプの一つとなったものです。そのようなことから、いつも失敗は成功のもとであるということを忘れずにおります。


"KICK OUT" is a new slang ina Dancehall,  

"KiCK OUT"は新しいダンスホールスラング

KICK OUT is a dance move and it also means to go hard.

 KICK OUTはダンスの動きそして、意味はひどい目に会うもしくは頑張ろうという意味です。

About the sticker set


  This set was actually inspired by my dogs in Jamaica.  ( by that I mean my pet/guard dogs) I tell you, you can get inspiration from anywhere. I used a lot of Dancehall  and a few HIPHOP slangs in the set. Gave it a nice flavor I think. "YAAD DOGS" is  hardcore , cool and a touch of cute (not too much). A major theme you can see is that the dogs are in gold chains. I tried the look on the first few illustrations and I liked it and ran with it. There are a lot of different characters, but its one big family of crazy, friendly YAAD DOGS. It really has some nice slangs and phrases that people in tune with the culture,  will enjoy using on LINE MESSENGER.

このスタンプセットは、ジャマイカにいる実際の犬(私が飼っている番犬)から思いついたものです。我々はどこからでもインスピレーションを得ることができます!私は「YAAD DOGS」に新しいたくさんのダンスホールスラングといくつかのヒップホップのスラングを使用していました。いい味を出していると思います。「YAAD DOGS」は、ハードコアでクールでちょっと可愛いです。主なテーマは、犬が金の鎖をしているところです。最初のいくつかのイラストでそれを試してみたら、良かったので、金の鎖を取り入れました。多くの異なるタイプのキャラクターがいますが、どれもフレンドーで、素敵なYAAD DOGS family です。レゲエ好きの人には、スラングやフレーズを利用したLINEメッセンジャーを楽しめることでしょう


I hope people download and enjoy  YAAD DOGS, get some laughs, feel inspired and overall just fulljoy Jamaican culture with their friends.

ジャマイカ文化を十分に感じ、笑いのある「YAAD DOGS」をダウンロードして友人同士でお楽しみいただけることと願っております。

For the creation itself , I'd like to see it grow into a cartoon series. So if anyone is interested in partnering to create the animation, contact me here and lets talk dean1_jakcon@yahoo.com.


I'd also like to create a clothing line from the series as well and in fact I've already started to plant those seeds. I've put up a couple designs on UTME ( Uniqlo's T-shirt/design/drop-shipping service)]
 Click on the T-shirts below to see more.

さらには、このシリーズでの服のラインの展開も考えております。実際、これについてはすでにスタートしております。すでにいくつかのデザインの物ををUTME ( Uniqlo's T-shirt/design/drop-shipping service)]


Alright peeps I'm out. Give thanks for viewing this post and feel free to leave a comment . Ask me any and everything or tell me the things you would improve, things you want to see. Peace, love and joy to you dear reader. 


今回は、この辺で終わりにしたいと思います。このブログを読んでいただき、ありがとうございます。コメントがあれば是非お願いいたします。あなたが知りたいこと,見たいものなど何でもいいので何かあれば教えてください。これを読んで下さった皆様へPeace, love and Joy.


 Give Thanks 


Saturday, 22 August 2015

iRIE iDRIN "BIG UP "Metal key-chain now on eBay. Proceeds from sales to help build schools and buy stationary for Jamaican youth through the ROCKHOUSE FOUNDATION

 eBay Link

What is the Big Up key-chain. 

    The "Big Up" keychain came from " iRIE iDRIN" LINE sticker ( A Jamaican made patois emoji set for "Line messenger"). It's one of the most used stickers in the set and you can see why. I decided to make the illustration into a key-chain as a collectors item because in my mind this is history and it needs to be solidified, not just in digital format. I wanted people to hold my idea in their hands and what better way to do that than to create a wicked looking key-chain. You are not going to see such a well crafted key-chain like this everyday. 
The size of the key-chain 50 mm* 50mm , quite a decent size and trust me when I say they look criss. I rock one with my keys everyday.

A photo posted by Rockhouse Foundation (@rockhousefoundation) on
Why I decided to donate to the Rockhouse foundation 

     I  wanted a way to help/build Jamaica while I was living in Japan but I didn't know how. So one day while looking around on eBay, I saw that you could donate a percentage of your sales per item to a foundation. So immediately I searched for foundations that were based or affiliated with Jamaica and that's how I found Rockhouse. So I went on their website and did my research.  I liked  their approach , they were open like a nerd's book. They had videos showing  how they used the money they received to employ people from the rural communities to build/ remake schools in the area. So they weren't only helping the children but the entire community benefited and I though to myself " this is truly wonderful".  At first I was thinking to donate 100% but I'm not in that position yet haha. 
The cost per a keychain shipped is $10 and from that, Rockhouse will receive $2.50 , the shipping cost worldwide ranges from $2-$4 , and then of course there is the cost of production for the key-chains and other expenses such as packaging,  delivery and Ebay/ paypal fees.  I practically break even and that's fine with me. 

Hopes for this endeavor

       I hope that people will see what I'm trying to do and even if they don't buy the key-chain, they will be motivated to give back to Jamaica and remember  that they can do something to help no matter where in the world they are.  I also hope it will motivate other Jamaican entrepreneurs to think of ways they can give back to our beautiful island.In the future, I plan to expand my fundraising activities in creative ways. Even though I'm not based in Jamaica at the moment, everything I do represents and is for Jamaica.  

Thank you for reading ,  BIG UP YUHSELF & BIG UP JAMAICA


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Scliffy Line sticker ( what exactly is it?)

Scliffy is the third Line sticker I've created ( actually my fourth ) for some reason Scliffy got approved faster than the sticker set I had in review before it. I'm guessing because I used simple English in this set. ( or the reviewer just liked what he saw). Scliffy actually took one month to be approved and seemed really fast compared to other sets I have on the network. My other stickers took 3- 4 months to be approved. 
 What is Scliffy? 

Some people think he's a ghost , some think it's  radish ( in the sticker description it says it's a radish) And others think it's an alien or a carrot.
Well it's "watever" you want it to be. For me, I know what I want it to be. The theme that I went with for most of the expressions was positivity and the law of attraction. I wanted a sticker set with some motivational phrases to uplift viewers and also to represent the positive aspects of the scliff. 

Where did the idea come from?

I was thinking of a way to create a character that could pass for what I wanted it to be, but wouldn't appear to be what it was. It's a simple and unique character that I think many people will love. At first I was gonna make it a duo " scliffy and Chali" but in the end I decided to work with one character and refined him. "Scliffy Second" is already in the works and he is even more refined. 

I'm taking my time with "Scliffy Second" and making sure to capture the essence of his character and build him into a brand that people can appreciate.  I really think this simple character will do big things. 
Please enjoy Scliffy and look out for "Scliffy Second". Thank you and bless up massive.


Saturday, 4 July 2015

"Madrass" the hardcore Jamaican Reggae sticker/ emoji whatever youwanna call it


   Madrass reggae emoji was created by the need for me to express my creative designer side. I haven't drawn illustrations for years and I never even saw myself as an illustrator, but the desire to create new expressions was so strong. I couldn't just sit around and wait on my designer. So I literally put pencil to paper and started drawing the ideas in my head down on paper. It was so much fun, I could draw for hours and not even realise how much time had passed.  

Why I created this set

       I created this set as the missing link to some of the expressions in iRIE iDRIN , in other words it would complement it. It really wasn't meant to be a stand alone set. Some phrases and expressions I don't want a Rastafarian to be represented/associated with, I put those  in the Madrass reggae sticker set. I have high respect for Rasta and all they do for Jamaica and the world, so I make sure to represent them the proper way. 

Who I made this reggae emoji for

      I actually made Madrass for the hardcore rude bwoi dem who want to express themselves as they would in the real world,  but through reggae stickers. So the idea was for the rude boys who already had the iDRIN set, to have a hadcore patois sticker set to complement it.  As you can see it's kinda of grimy looking, not cute and fuzzy but gully. It's made to be used with your bredrins, your dogs, and thats why there is actually a dog character in the set. But I've realised women seem to like it too. Another thing about this set is that it's mainly in Jamaican patois, so  only a Jamaican or someone who really likes and understands Jamaican culture can appreciate it. I didn't try to water it down to try and reach a wide audience,  I kept it authentic.

My hope for Madrass reggae emoji

  I hope that Madrass reggae sticker as simple as it is will stretch the imagination of other reggae illustrators and users of reggae stickers as to what is possible.  I also hope that it will help spread the use of Jamaican patois worldwide. Thank you, and I'm grateful for this creation.

Madrass ( Madraaas) is a slang created by popular Jamaican Dancehall Artiste  Quick Cook

 download the Madrass reggae sticker set+

iRIE iDRIN the Jamaican Reggae Patois Emoji Sticker

How it all started

     About three years ago, I started my Jamaican goods website irie876.com  based in Japan ( July/4/2015 current date) . I got two logos created for the site.  One with a logo that really looked classy ( in my opinion), made the "company" seem so big even though it was so small ( a good professional logo is important). I also created a Rasta man character called iDrin, because I wanted the site to have a real irie vibe. Idren means "good friend" so I just spelt it differently and gave him that name because I wanted him to create a friendly vibe to the site (See below)
       At the time when I built my website, Line messenger was becoming popular and many of my friends based here in Japan used the app. When you use Line messenger, the thing that separated it from the western based messenger Apps like WhatsAPP, were the stickers, or stamps as they call them here in Japan. If you haven't realized it yet, Facebook's "Messenger" has adopted this sticker culture because of the success its  having in the Asian markets.

       Back to the point, so one day while receiving a message from a friend containing one of Line's character stickers, the idea came to me. " Hmmm, wouldn't it be cool to have a Jamaican patios sticker?" And the idea kept coming into my mind now and then. So one day while looking at my website and the iDrin logo, it dawned on me " Hmmm, iDRIN would make the perfect character for a Jamaican patois emoji set". So at that moment I decided I was gonna start creating the illustrations for the set. At the time there was no "Creators Market" where individuals could submit their own illustrations for Line to review and have them for sale on the Line network. I just thought I'd create it and then find some way to have a meeting with officials working at Line and  just pitch them my idea.This was back in February 2104. A few weeks after I started to create the illustrations, Line announced the creators market, that was around March, early April. It was like jah guided me, gave me the idea and the faith to pursue it.

The creation process

     Once I found out how many stickers I needed to create I immediately started brain storming ideas and writing a long list of possible expressions in patois, describing them in detail. I am not actually the designer of iDRIN and that's one reason why it took me longer than I had expected to have the sticker set completed, because I had to make it fit my vision, how I see it and how I wanted it. It was a long back and forth project between me and my designer.Changing  of facial expressions , gestures, colours, words , you name it we did it until we had something I could take to people and get feedback. 
Once I got that feedback, I went back again and thought about it and did some more revisions with my designer. I talked with Jamaicans, Japanese, British,Filipinos, Brazillians, Americans, Australians and more , even showed the illustrations to babies. 

    For me, this sticker set represents; True Jamaican language and culture. It's positive, its motivational and I feel great things will branch out from this creation. I'm really thankful that Jah gave me the idea, and I am really grateful to all the people that have downloaded the iRIE iDRIN sticker set and to all the people that use it and help spread Jamaican culture. At the end of the day the goal is to spread, and represent my culture, Jamaican culture.

Bless up!!!

About Dean Jackson
I am a Jamaican that has been living in Japan for the past 8 years. I teach English and I run a Jamaican goods website called irie876.com . I was pushed into design through Jah guidance and have started  a journey to represent Jamaican culture through emojis, stickers, stamps, whatever you wish to call them.  I look forward with gratitude to see what this will all lead to. Thank you.

Download here