Wednesday, 6 January 2016

"GEAFUS" the 420 maple leaf ( Reggae emoji)

What's up Reggae Emoji lovers? 

Depaiso aka Dean Jackson here again with another  must get sticker set.
Meet "Geafus";  a maple leaf that wished to come alive before he fell from a maple tree. ( cough)
Yes. Yes. It is what it is!!! And it's finally here. A cute, green, lovable leaf with purple accents. ( Just how we like it!!!! Purple skunk from Orange Hill.)
Note: I used the name Geafus because "Gea"  has meaning to me.  At first I was gonna call him "Leafus" but that just didn't resonate with me. ( Geefus from Stone Love, I didn't  steal your name. It just sounded good to me and fit the character, LOL.)

With all the stickers I create and with this one as well, the Jamaican vibe can easily be felt.  I made this set easier to use, more mainstream and pop culture but still had to get my IRIE , Reggae vibe in it to represent me.

Geafus took me a weekend to complete, but I think it turned out pretty well. Something about the purple and green really blend well together.  There are also a lot of useful stickers that emoji lovers will find really cute and convenient. Not to mention the reaction they will get when they use it in a conversation. " OMG I NEED THIS STICKER SET RIGHT NOW"
For Geafus, I didn't use any Japanese phrases in the expressions as I feel that the "Gea" is a universal character and if you're down with the "G",  you probably have a good understanding of English and pop culture. Maybe in the next installment I'll consider using some Japanese and other languages.

My hope for Geafus is for it to be a viral emoji set that will bring joy and laughter to all those who come in contact with the leafy character.  Download "Geafus" and let the good times roll. 

Until next time Reggae Emoji lovers, Fulljoy, be safe and keep on creating your future thought by thought. Task by task.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

RASS SCLIFFY ( Spliff, joint emoji, doobie emoji)

What up Reggae emoji lovers. One more crazy high-grade sticker set here for yah. Ras Scliffy, who first appeared in "Scliffy Second" now has his own sticker set. This set took me about a month, on and off to create. I didn't throw in a bunch of characters like in the previous Scliffy because I wanted to focus on the RAS. This sticker set has a few Japanese phrases but I wrote a few in Romaji ( Alphabetic letters). The reason, I thought it would be different and easier for individuals to use Japanese with people who don't actually understand Japanese and in a sense, actually teach them. ( Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, they can learn on their own)

I actually finished "Geafus" before "Ras Scliffy" but I started Ras Scliffy first. The reason being was that I was inspired to make Geafus  and I made him quickly and got on to finishing Ras. The two sets will be out at the same time creating High-Grade history. ( Thank me later blazers)
For Ras Scliffy, I was thinking of telling a story line with the entire set. But instead, I made a portion of it a story line with an alien visit form planet G. 
Ras Scliffy has a lot of convenient stickers and some  far out "messages" like the one above ( Yes I, herbs is the healing of the nation). With this set, I also tried different drawing styles just to see how it would look and the reaction it would get.

Well Reggae Emoji lovers!!!! One more installment to the reggae emoji collection. Please note. I do this for fun and because I was inspired by the most high to do this. I represent Jamaican culture and I want the world to keep on loving Jamaican. Give thanks every time and feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email (

UP UP UP!!!!

Alright blazers, DOWNLOAD RAS SCLIFFY and let the high times roll.