Thursday, 9 March 2017

iDRIN ( The Reggae Jamaican Patois Stickers) Now On iMessage iOS withall new features.

Waaahgwaan Reggae emoji lovers?

iDRIN just got released on iMessage and it wicked!!!

Creative, high quality,  Jamaican Reggae patois emojis with interesting features.


I’ve revamped it and made full use of the iMessage features to bring you an enjoyable Jamaican Reggae emoji experience.

In the iOS version you will see the  Jamaican Reggae emoji that users around the world have come to love ( soon you will too) , These expressions were well crafted and took months of brainstorming and feedback sessions to get the right feel that would last a life time.

I've also made sure to make use of the latest iMessage features. iDRIN emoji comes equipped with many Reggae Jamaican items you can paste on photos or use in  combination with other stickers.
As seen in the screenshot above, I've pasted  a speaker, a guitar, a car and an "IRIE" word sticker on the picture of the twins. ( Yup those are my boys, Yumar and Kamar)

The  Reggae items that are available will enable you to bring creativity and uniqueness to your conversations. The possibilities aren't endless but there is a lot you can do. ( The updates will make the possibilities endless)
In the ipad screenshot  above, you can see most of the Reggae Jamaican items currently available in  the iDRIN app. I'll be adding plenty more in the updates to come. (There is even a Jamaican Humming Bird and a croaking lizard)

  The feature I'm really excited about is the text stickers and how they can be used with the wordless emoji illustrations . Above, you can see I've used the Jamaican Humming Bird emoji along with two different phrases. A very creative feature with the iMessage app  is pasting stickers on stickers. Not many Emoji creators are taking advantage of this feature ( especially the Reggae emojis). I sat down and took my time and didn't rush to get iDRIN out on iOS because I felt I needed something different and I found it. I think you will really enjoy this feature, and the cool part is, the word stickers look really good and give you a REAL JAMAICAN VIBE.

Above is a character called JaJa, I used her emoji head and the "Respec" word sticker in combo style to create this expression.

In the screenshot above you can see I've pasted the word sticker, "AHH" underneath the iDRIN emoji to create this expression.  Alright guys, mi gaaawn ( I'm gone) . Download iDRIN and let me know what you think. Post a comment below, share your thoughts and ideas below ( Also share this blog). Thanks for reading. 
Click here to view & Download in the App Store.

APP Store description.

Meet iDirn, the original Reggae emoji character created by a Jamaican. iDrin features foundation Jamaican Reggae and patois expression that never go out of style, along with modern slang. The cool and cute character "iDrin" is well known around the globe as the original Reggae emoji character.

The unique feature about this sticker set is that it gives you the option to use phrase/word stickers with illustration stickers to make a slew of emoji variations. We made many of the illustrations wordless so you could take advantage of the iMessage sticker on sticker feature. We also provided many words/phrases for you to choose from.


*105 stickers including reggae items, words/phrases and well crafted emojis.

*Use emojis as is for quick Reggae, Jamaican communication.

*Drag, stretch and paste stickers on pictures or above text.

*Use stickers in combination style and take full advantage of the new iMessage experience.

*Decorate pictures with Reggae items like Rasta wigs, speakers, turntables, phrases etc.

*Professional, high quality illustrations.

*Authentic Reggae Jamaican slang.