Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Geafus 420 Animated Sticker Coming Soon to iMessage ( Sign up and be 1 of 50 to Win Geafus 420 Free)

Geafus is finally making his way to iOS. With 47 animated stickers well crafted for everyday communication, this is a set that the enlightened will not want to miss.



-Drag and drop animated stickers on pictures or text messages for a futuristic and blissful communication experience in iMessage.
-47 well crafted expressions animated for communication
-New stickers added free of cost
-Easy to use in everyday life.
-Fun experience you will want to share with your friends.
-Beautiful flowing animations in APNG format
-A lovable & memorable character you will enjoy growing with
-Be involved in the creation of new stickers by  commenting below.

Sign up for a chance to win Geafus for iMessage free.

50 people will win, be the chosen! 

Offer Ends December 10th. Winners will receive a "Geafus" promotion code by December 21st via email.

Good Luck:) 


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