Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Geafus 2 & Geafus Animated ( Also how to make an animated emoji.

What’s up Reggae emoji lovers?

Its been a while. 

Since "Hotta Gyals" release, I’ve released 2 other emoji sets. Geafus 2 ( keep rollin) and also Geafus animated.  Thats right!! We have created the first 420 emoji and animated 420 emoji.  ( I wish that could be copyrighted)  

Geafus 2 has no reggae phrases and is more of  a main stream sticker set. The character’s colour is also a bit brighter around the edges. While the set is good, I don’t think its as great as the original. Its actually a compliment for users who already have the original Geafus. (A few lost phrases to make the original more rounded.) I’ve also priced Geafus 2 at $0.99 / ¥120 instead of $1.99/240. The set does have some very cool stickers for people in the Hi Life; the studio, lets roll, wake n bake and the beach scenes are sure to be hits with the modern day enlightened "rebels". For some reason, Iran has been downloading this set at a steady pace and I gotta say BIG UPS to Iran and I look forward to visiting and partaking in the life. If you really like the Hi-life, download Geafus 2 and KEEP ROLLIN.
View the sticker set here, download & enjoy.  

"Geafus Animated" on the other hand, is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Simple animations of a leafy character that so many people wish existed, and now it does. It was a real challenge at first to create the animations, but with practice comes know how LOL ( not perfection).
Each animation took an average of 35 minutes to complete. (Some took an hour or more.)
In this set there is a little Reggae, a lil HipHop and every day phrases that anyone can use in their conversations. What I actually did was use some of the illustrations from the original Geafus and Geafus 2 to create the animations. That saved me a tun of time. So far Geafus Animated has been downloaded in Japan, the U.K., the USA, Iran, Pakistan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, India, Jamaica, Thailand and other countries. I expect it to be worldwide just like the leaf it represents.   

                     View the set here, download and enjoy. http://line.me/S/sticker/1303492

I’m not a designer. Im not an animator, I’m just an individual that has many ideas and I do what I can to push them into reality. If you so wish to create your own animated sticker set, please watch my tutorial below. Thank you for reading my blog, stay blessed, stay creating, stay INSPIRED.

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