Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Geafus 420 Animated Weed Emoji is now on iMessage

What up folks!  Been a while. I've been working on irie876, establishing a music career AND working on getting Geafus on to IOS. ( Google you are next)

From Line messenger to iMessage

It's been something I've always wanted to do, get my stickers on iOS. And now the dream has finally manifested. The reason  I wanted my stickers on iMessage is because my style appeals more to a western market and Apple gives you more freedom of expression. ( Line isn't highly used in the west)
As I figured, X code is not as easy to use as the  Line creator's back end, but it shouldn't be, as Line is just for stickers and Xcode is for Applications. Once I started using Xcode and iTunes connect, I realized how Line  copied a lot of things from Apple.  Xcode gave me a warm time getting bundle identifiers and IDs  right. All the little things that had to be done to get the app on the App store has a learning curve but it is not difficult.

What really propelled me to get my stickers on iMessage ASAP was the fact that Line rejected Geafus animated 2 indefinitely.So here is what happened. I made "Geafus animated 2" more Weedy, I wanted to make it more R rated and I included an animation I was going to save for an iOS App ( No need to make a copy paste sticker application  anymore , the new iMessage does it all). The animation was Geafus lying on his back smoking a spliff eyes blood shot read.  When I was submitting it to Line, I kinda had an idea they would reject it, but not indefinitely. I was trying to see if Line got less strict with their sticker approval seeing Apple's iMessage got revamped to a stylish new platform.. So sorry Line users, Geafus animated 2 won't be available on Line Messenger. ( Geafus 1, 2 and Geafus Animated are still there though. Thank God)

Spiced  up just for iMessage with unbelievable value

Honestly, there were a lot of things I wanted to do with the Geafus illustrations but I restricted myself to adhere to Lines guidelines. Now, with Geafus on iOS, I'm free to create the kind of illustrations I want. From weed nuggets to BIG HEAD SPLIFFS.  With Geafus for iMessage, I put  all the illustrations from the first Geafus animated and the unreleased Geafus animated 2, along with special animations I made just for  iMessage.  ( freedom is bliss).

Something unique about "Geafus"

The thing that separates "Geafus" from other weed emojis 

The idea for Geafus came about by me observing the emoji market in Japan and America. I realized the weed emojis on the market in America were difficult to use in everyday life. I also realized that the few weed emojis on the market were basically silly smiley faces that either had the  munchies or  were high. Not a lot of variety. I aslo observed how the Japanese made cute characters that people around the world liked, they also made witty humor with their expressions that could easily be used in communiction. So I fused what i observed and created what I thought a weed emoji should be. So now, Geafus is the only weed character that has his own sticker set, that's what makes "Geafus" unique. It's not just another weed emoji, but a brand and a character.

Pricing and Value

Geafus Animated for iMessage consist of 47 animated stickers. YES 47 animated stickers for a $1.99 and GUESS WHAT? I'll be adding new stickers quarterly at no extra cost. So once you purchase Geafus, your ganja library of animated stickers will grow like a weed field in California. Maybe I'm crazy for pricing Geafus so low and giving such huge value but I know how it is when buying apps. I'm always looking for the value and that's what I brought to you dear stoner.

What I want you to do!!

Since you actually took the time to read this blog, I'd like to say thank you from the depths of my green heart. Also if you haven't already, click the image or link below and download Geafus 420 Animated for iMessage and tell all your stoner friends about it. Lets make this baby viral and lets bring Geafus to life. Just imagine, a weed leaf character that's a household name. ( Imagine with me). A cartoon series, toys, cookies, cakes, etc. The possibilities are endless.


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