Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Scliffy Line sticker ( what exactly is it?)

Scliffy is the third Line sticker I've created ( actually my fourth ) for some reason Scliffy got approved faster than the sticker set I had in review before it. I'm guessing because I used simple English in this set. ( or the reviewer just liked what he saw). Scliffy actually took one month to be approved and seemed really fast compared to other sets I have on the network. My other stickers took 3- 4 months to be approved. 
 What is Scliffy? 

Some people think he's a ghost , some think it's  radish ( in the sticker description it says it's a radish) And others think it's an alien or a carrot.
Well it's "watever" you want it to be. For me, I know what I want it to be. The theme that I went with for most of the expressions was positivity and the law of attraction. I wanted a sticker set with some motivational phrases to uplift viewers and also to represent the positive aspects of the scliff. 

Where did the idea come from?

I was thinking of a way to create a character that could pass for what I wanted it to be, but wouldn't appear to be what it was. It's a simple and unique character that I think many people will love. At first I was gonna make it a duo " scliffy and Chali" but in the end I decided to work with one character and refined him. "Scliffy Second" is already in the works and he is even more refined. 

I'm taking my time with "Scliffy Second" and making sure to capture the essence of his character and build him into a brand that people can appreciate.  I really think this simple character will do big things. 
Please enjoy Scliffy and look out for "Scliffy Second". Thank you and bless up massive.


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