Saturday, 22 August 2015

iRIE iDRIN "BIG UP "Metal key-chain now on eBay. Proceeds from sales to help build schools and buy stationary for Jamaican youth through the ROCKHOUSE FOUNDATION

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What is the Big Up key-chain. 

    The "Big Up" keychain came from " iRIE iDRIN" LINE sticker ( A Jamaican made patois emoji set for "Line messenger"). It's one of the most used stickers in the set and you can see why. I decided to make the illustration into a key-chain as a collectors item because in my mind this is history and it needs to be solidified, not just in digital format. I wanted people to hold my idea in their hands and what better way to do that than to create a wicked looking key-chain. You are not going to see such a well crafted key-chain like this everyday. 
The size of the key-chain 50 mm* 50mm , quite a decent size and trust me when I say they look criss. I rock one with my keys everyday.

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Why I decided to donate to the Rockhouse foundation 

     I  wanted a way to help/build Jamaica while I was living in Japan but I didn't know how. So one day while looking around on eBay, I saw that you could donate a percentage of your sales per item to a foundation. So immediately I searched for foundations that were based or affiliated with Jamaica and that's how I found Rockhouse. So I went on their website and did my research.  I liked  their approach , they were open like a nerd's book. They had videos showing  how they used the money they received to employ people from the rural communities to build/ remake schools in the area. So they weren't only helping the children but the entire community benefited and I though to myself " this is truly wonderful".  At first I was thinking to donate 100% but I'm not in that position yet haha. 
The cost per a keychain shipped is $10 and from that, Rockhouse will receive $2.50 , the shipping cost worldwide ranges from $2-$4 , and then of course there is the cost of production for the key-chains and other expenses such as packaging,  delivery and Ebay/ paypal fees.  I practically break even and that's fine with me. 

Hopes for this endeavor

       I hope that people will see what I'm trying to do and even if they don't buy the key-chain, they will be motivated to give back to Jamaica and remember  that they can do something to help no matter where in the world they are.  I also hope it will motivate other Jamaican entrepreneurs to think of ways they can give back to our beautiful island.In the future, I plan to expand my fundraising activities in creative ways. Even though I'm not based in Jamaica at the moment, everything I do represents and is for Jamaica.  

Thank you for reading ,  BIG UP YUHSELF & BIG UP JAMAICA

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