Saturday, 4 July 2015

"Madrass" the hardcore Jamaican Reggae sticker/ emoji whatever youwanna call it


   Madrass reggae emoji was created by the need for me to express my creative designer side. I haven't drawn illustrations for years and I never even saw myself as an illustrator, but the desire to create new expressions was so strong. I couldn't just sit around and wait on my designer. So I literally put pencil to paper and started drawing the ideas in my head down on paper. It was so much fun, I could draw for hours and not even realise how much time had passed.  

Why I created this set

       I created this set as the missing link to some of the expressions in iRIE iDRIN , in other words it would complement it. It really wasn't meant to be a stand alone set. Some phrases and expressions I don't want a Rastafarian to be represented/associated with, I put those  in the Madrass reggae sticker set. I have high respect for Rasta and all they do for Jamaica and the world, so I make sure to represent them the proper way. 

Who I made this reggae emoji for

      I actually made Madrass for the hardcore rude bwoi dem who want to express themselves as they would in the real world,  but through reggae stickers. So the idea was for the rude boys who already had the iDRIN set, to have a hadcore patois sticker set to complement it.  As you can see it's kinda of grimy looking, not cute and fuzzy but gully. It's made to be used with your bredrins, your dogs, and thats why there is actually a dog character in the set. But I've realised women seem to like it too. Another thing about this set is that it's mainly in Jamaican patois, so  only a Jamaican or someone who really likes and understands Jamaican culture can appreciate it. I didn't try to water it down to try and reach a wide audience,  I kept it authentic.

My hope for Madrass reggae emoji

  I hope that Madrass reggae sticker as simple as it is will stretch the imagination of other reggae illustrators and users of reggae stickers as to what is possible.  I also hope that it will help spread the use of Jamaican patois worldwide. Thank you, and I'm grateful for this creation.

Madrass ( Madraaas) is a slang created by popular Jamaican Dancehall Artiste  Quick Cook

 download the Madrass reggae sticker set+

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