Monday, 28 August 2017

Hotta Gyal Reggae Emoji for iMessage

Hotta Gyal Reggae Emoji is now available on iMessage and its HELLA HOT!!!  Sexy and Cool illustrations for your Reggae Emoji communication pleasure. 



 It's been a long time coming but its finally here. I took a while to get this one up due to other projects I was working on and some technical difficulties on the development side. I finally mustered up the will to give this baby a good couple hours of proper focus.


Ready to spice up your iMessage chats!?

Many Hot emojis to choose from.  Jamaican patois and every day cool slangs to choose from for on the fly communication.

Many items to choose from to be used alone or in combination with other emojis.


 Drag and drop characters on pics for cool new era communication.


 Use item stickers on pictures to express yourself.

The only Reggae Emoji dedicated to all di REAL HOT GYALS.

Click above to go to the App Store.

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